The next issue of Loupe will be the first themed edition and we’re kicking off with the weighty topic of NATIONAL IDENTITY.
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Photobook Dummy Call

Along with our move to themed content for issue 10, we’re changing our regular photobook review to focus on unreleased dummies. Gemma Padley, a writer and the mind behind our photobook feature, explains the reasoning for the move and then shares some recent examples of books that have nailed the image-text blend.

A new direction

The launch of Issue 10 will bring with it our move to themed content, both in print and online.

Why the change? Because every issue, we see trends in the submission box that reflect wider movements in society. Rather than selectively ignoring these trends, we’ve decided it’s important to spotlight them, sharing varied perspectives around topics that matter.

Photographic Education: Tori Ferenc

Photographic Education is an interview series from Loupe. Through conversation with successful photographers, we discuss the merits of photographic education, how to get the most out of it, and where it can improve. Each interviewee shares their advice for aspiring photographers, so that the series can become a resource for students and educators alike, as well as promoting work from the most encouraging new photographers.


Loupe’s first exhibition opens today, sharing the work of 11 emerging photographers selected from our open call by a panel of industry professionals, and curated by our own Sarah Goad. Through the generous support of both Creative Hub and Brick Lane Gallery, we were able to launch the open call and resulting exhibition entirely free of charge, meaning that students and recent grads could enter without restriction. The quality and quantity of work submitted was overwhelming, and the final selection is outstanding. Information about the opening night can be found here.

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LOUPE 10 Open Call

Issue 10 will be the first themed edition and we’re kicking off with the weighty topic of national identity, and we want to publish your work.


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Our mission is simple: to share the work of the most talented photographers with you. Photography is a broad church but we believe we know the formula of great work: well-executed images and fascinating projects. With our unpretentious style and approachable ethos, Loupe is unique.

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Issue 10 will be the first themed edition of Loupe and we’re kicking off with the weighty topic of national identity find out more.

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